Employment Overview

Hello!  We’re glad you logged on to check us out. If you want to be part of an operation that helps people who have an animal or insect nuisance problem; if you don’t care if they consider you heroic when you remove their problem and shower you with praise (even though they will); if you work well in sometimes dangerous emergency situations; if you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty at times; if you can work “on call” and come when you are needed, and follow instructions, then the Nuisance Wildlife Removal team just might be right for you.

There are some other things you should know, however, before you fill out our application.

YOUR BACKGROUND:  We will do background checks and we’ll check your references. That will include checking police and driving records. Our insurance people require drivers with clean driving records and we require people without a criminal record. As well, when we check your references — you know, past employers and friends — we want to hear good things about you. If you can’t give us those things, please don’t bother applying.

PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH:  This is a very physical type of work. You need to be in good physical shape, able to climb ladders, work on roofs, or hot, sweaty attics and enclosed spaces of other kinds. You need to know you can get pretty dirty on the job, so if that bothers you, don’t apply with Nuisance Wildlife Removal. An even temper is essential as well. If you tend to get frustrated and angry, or like to throw things or cuss people out, we don’t think this type of work is for you.

DRUGS:  Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a drug-free workplace. There are no exceptions to this rule, and we may require drug tests from time to time. You can’t do drugs on your own time and then come to work stoned or “messed up” in some other way. You could hurt yourself, one of us, or a customer. Or, you could damage their property. This can be a dangerous job and your head needs to be clear at all times. So, if you do drugs at all, thanks for your interest, but we’ll have to say good-bye at this point.

ON-THE-JOB BEHAVIOR:  We want you to know up front that we’re a Christian-based organization. We believe in ethical behavior and Christian principles. That is to say, we don’t lie, cheat or steal. Honesty and integrity with each other and our customers is essential. You don’t have to be a Christian to work at Nuisance Wildlife Removal, and we won’t try to “initiate” you in our ways. You should already have basic ethical principles we can rely on.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  You need to have a basic command of the English language. You will be required to communicate in a pleasant, effective manner with each other, with our clients, and with vendors who supply us. Sales are a part of our business and, in addition to being able to help clients understand and want our services, both primary and secondary (when additional work is needed on a job site), they should be able to like you and what you have to say.

OUR “TEAM” PHILOSOPHY:  We work as a team at all times toward the betterment of our customer’s needs. We support each other, whether in the field or in the office and shop. You can’t be a “loner” in this area of work. The safety of team members may depend on you.

THE WORKDAY:  People don’t schedule their animal problems. If they have a problem, it’s right now and they demand our service at the earliest possible moment. So, normally, you won’t be working a 9-5 workday, although we try to schedule non-emergency situations between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. But we often have to start early or end late, so you should be okay with a flexible schedule. If you have to be home at a certain time for dinner, or have to pick up the kids from school at a certain time, then maybe this type of business isn’t for you. On balance, though, we’re not slave drivers, either. We tend to take good care of our employees and see that they have plenty of personal or downtime. By the way, light carpentry work may be required at times to seal an area off from animal or insect access.

ANIMAL RELOCATION AND EUTHANASIA POLICY:  When we can, we prefer to relocate animals we’ve been asked to remove from a property, like raccoons, opossums, and so forth. There are times, however, when it becomes necessary to euthanize, or put to death, an animal, either to end its suffering or because it is a danger to us or others. Maybe it’s diseased, for example, with rabies. You should have the state of mind to understand the cycle of life and that death is sometimes part of it.

COMPENSATION: Nuisance Wildlife Removal pays well with a salary plus commissions or hourly rate. You will also have one of the most rewarding experiences ever by helping people to solve problems they can’t handle. We help animals and other creatures with another chance at life, where possible. The news media likes to ride along with us to provide the public with a glimpse at our incredible duties. You will find that all the hard work we do is ultimately extremely satisfying — you will want to share the stories with your loved ones and friends.


Nuisance Wildlife Removal has been in business for over 20 years, and over that time we have helped change our industry for the better.  As we have been blessed, we have had the opportunity to grow and expand.  Advancement, such as to a Supervisory position, is available for those employees who show the talent and commitment necessary. We are on the front lines every day, much like emergency medical personnel, policemen and firemen, making things happen and getting things done when they are needed for the health and safety of others. The stories and experiences that we find common and don’t even bother to talk about, would astound most people. The really exciting stuff that comes along is just icing on the cake. It’s a great career for the right type of person. That might be you.  If it is, we hope to talk with you soon to find out. Why not fill out an application and meet with us?

Yours for Success,

Jeff Norris, President

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc.